«Miss corset» – is a brand founded in Kazan in 2019 by Valeriya Sadreeva.

The corset is an item with a rich history and incredible energy that we want to bring to the masses. Making corsets is a way to breathe new life into something that has lost popularity over the centuries.
For several years, we have been creating unique products that emphasize the elegance, sensuality, and individuality of every woman.
Our brand is based on admiration for women and a desire to embody their best qualities. Each of our models is designed with the nuances of the female body in mind, handcrafted to individual measurements with care for our customers.
Thanks to this, our corsets fit beautifully, hide flaws, enhance the figure's merits, and provide comfort and self-confidence.
We use premium European fabric and hardware
we pay attention to every detail
You can trust that our products will serve you well for a long time and be a great adornment to any wardrobe.
A woman is a goddess, a heavenly being. She is a source of life and light, joy and warmth, tenderness and sexuality.

— Valeria Sadreeva
brand founder's word
Valeria Sadreeva
A woman is a goddess, a celestial being. She is a source of life and light, joy and warmth, tenderness and sensuality. She possesses incredible strength and wisdom, cunning and sincerity. And a corset, like a talisman, accentuates her power. I believe that every woman deserves happiness, love, and admiration. And I am the one who has the gift to help her achieve this.
My name is Valeria, and I am the founder of the brand Miss Corset. For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for fashion, style, and various forms of art. By a fortuitous turn of events, I began designing corsets. At the heart of my brand lies admiration for women. It is this tender attitude toward them that fills my work with meaning and inspires me.