Victoria model is a corset made of French Chantilly lace. Decorative satin insets beautifully emphasize the decollete area. The unique construction visually enhances a small bust or adjusts the volume of a larger chest. The drop bridge adds a playful and spicy touch, while adjustable straps provide reliable support.

The narrowing lines on the sides make the waist slim and graceful. The corset mesh inside prevents fabric deformation and adds strength and durability to the garment. The lacing at the back and delicate lace pattern bring a sense of aristocratic elegance to the Victorian era.

Every detail of the corset is carefully thought out to ensure comfort and feel irresistibly attractive.

The design pairs perfectly with pantsuits, jeans, skirts, or can serve as a lingerie piece.
When creating this corset, we were inspired by the most powerful woman of the 19th century - Queen Victoria of England, who remained on the throne for 63 years. Due to her immense influence on culture, politics, and people's lives, an entire era was named after her. Victoria's reign was a period of flourishing art, culture, and, of course, fashion. The corset was mandatory to wear and became a distinctive feature of the Victorian style, while embroidery and lace adorned every outfit.

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