Natural underbust Snow

The "Natural" model is an underbust corset. This range is created to reflect the most beautiful natural phenomena in the designs and bring urban women closer to nature. The corsets are made of natural breathable materials, allowing for comfort during wear.
Thanks to skilled tailoring and a special construction, the corset visually reduces the waist, without putting pressure on internal organs, while also highlighting the elegance and beauty of the female breast.

The model pairs perfectly with different types of dresses, shirts, as well as t-shirts, adding refinement and creating an elevated aristocratic look.

The "Snow" corset is inspired by the purity and flawlessness of the first snowfall. Its whiteness is associated with the joy of celebration and the coziness of winter walks. Delicate, unique snowflakes waltz in a whimsical flow and, as they fall to the ground, merge into a dazzling canvas that transforms the city into a fairyland. Strictness and innocence, tenderness and flawlessness, beginning and end, everything and nothing - a girl who wears white clothing embodies these amazing qualities.

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