Monica natural


The "Monica Natural" corset is a classic model made from natural materials. It creates a seductive hourglass silhouette, hiding the stomach and providing a waist reduction of 5 to 12 centimeters, as well as enhancing and lifting the breasts.
Carefully designed for the body, the corset supports the back without compromising breathing or compressing internal organs.

The corset is made from unbleached cotton, ensuring comfort and convenience even on the hottest days. The removable straps are a detail that visually enhances the breasts and draws attention to the décolleté area. The presence of beige cups allows the corset to be worn as a standalone wardrobe piece. Whether paired with pants, a skirt, or shorts, underneath a jacket or a shirt, it seamlessly fits into any outfit.

This model was inspired by Italian actress and model Monica Bellucci. With her classic feminine figure, she has always loved and embraced her body, refusing to undergo exhausting diets and plastic surgeries. We aimed to convey the enchanting grace and charisma of the actress in our creation.

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