Grace white

The "Grace" model is an exquisite corset for modern aristocrats. We aimed to embody the essence of femininity and refinement in this garment through its silhouette-enhancing lines and forms. Waist reduction of 5-7 centimeters will make the figure even more graceful.
The back lacing resembles traditional royal attire. The soft viscose bodice emphasizes the beauty of the chest and visually enhances it. The delicate white color complements a bridal look and is also appropriate for other celebrations.

The corset looks great with pants, skirts, and jeans and can also serve as a substitute for a first layer underneath a voluminous shirt.

Impeccable details, unique cut, attention to detail - all of this surrounds the aura of nobility and luxury of the owner of this garment.

The creation of this model was inspired by the Hollywood model and actress Grace Kelly, who became the wife of the Prince of Monaco. She had impeccable taste, and everyone recognized her as a style icon. Her vibrant personality, liberation, and boldness allowed her to bring her wildest dreams to life. Princess Grace was an inspiration to designers, perfumers, and directors, and we couldn't help but remember this amazing woman.

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