Model "Jane" - a denim corset.

Originally, denim was used to make specialized clothing for workers, but later it became popular worldwide and became a symbol of youth, freedom, and protest. In recent years, designers have turned denim outfits into a true trend.

We have combined cotton denim with an eye-catching insert of soft French lace to create this corset. It outlines the bust area and serves as a unifying element for other black details of the corset.

This is the first model where we have combined lacing, allowing for adjusting the width of the garment to fit the figure, with a zipper that enables easy and effortless wearing and removal of the corset.

The model pairs perfectly with our new collection of skirts, allowing for the creation of stunning looks.

The inspiration for this model came from the iconic figure of the 20th century, Jane Birkin, who was known as the queen of denim. Jane was a successful actress, singer, director, and model, and her influence on the culture and fashion of the 1970s was significant. She rightfully earned the title of a style icon thanks to her amazing ability to combine different elements. She knew how to wear jeans while maintaining femininity and sophistication. Birkin encouraged people not to follow fashion blindly but to feel it.
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